Welcome to the Red Army, comrade!

Welcome to the Red Army, comrade! We are a group of of left-leaning Club Penguin Rewritten players, that have been formed to create a clan striving to help Club Penguin Island achieve Communism (as defined by Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, etc.)! Much of our acts are inspired by those of the Soviet Union. With our acts, we strive to abolish Capitalism and bring equality and freedom to all, which is not on this island as of now. Only the bourgeoisie have the freedom to do anything abiding by the law. And corruption can also help the bourgeoisie break the law! We, as those understanding the history of society and oppression, can help bring power to all, and not just the bourgeoisie!

To join the Red Army, first join our Discord server. Then, send a message to @MahaerHD#8348, the leader of our beautiful army, requesting membership. Alternatively, you can tell the penguin with username MahaerHD that you've joined, while he's online. Why MahaerHD? Because he's the leader of the Red Army.

Then, you'll become a comrade, and strive to abolish Capitalism from Club Penguin Island!

Together, we can ensure a society where everyone is equal, and has the same economic power. A society where people live happily, without oppression. Death to capitalism! Life to Communism!