Sunset Sherbert

Applegate Valley Organics

THC: 18.11%

CBD: 0.06%

Lean: Hybrid

Harvested: 10/28/2018 (!)

Today I am bringing you my take on a wonderful new(to me) hybrid strain called Sunset Sherbert. I thoroughly enjoy this particular strain as its effects seep in slowly while ultimately taking hold of your mind before you even realize it. This makes for a wonderful change for the daily smoker struggling to find a decent strain and is a melt your brain kind of high at only 18.11% THC. No need to always go big on THC for such a mind gripping feeling.

As for my mental health, Sunset Sherbert did cause a bit of a tense body feeling and slightly heightened anxiety and paranoia. Those effects were very mild, but noticeable. My mind felt somewhat numb so my mind was not wondering around which I'm guessing is what made the paranoia so mild.

Please leave comments below on ways I can expand my description of strains. I am sure you have many questions that I will gladly start answering in these posts for each strain. Let me know what you want to know!

Have you tried Sunset Sherbet before? Tell me about your experience in the comments below. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!