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A blog about the administration of the asonix.dog network.

Currently hosting:

  • Pixelfed on pixelfed.asonix.dog
  • Synapse on matrix.asonix.dog (connect with a Matrix client)
  • Plume on blog.asonix.dog
  • Mastodon on asonix.dog
  • Nextcloud on cloud.asonix.dog
  • Gitea on git.asonix.dog
  • DNS over HTTP server backed by PiHole on dns.asonix.dog (configure your client to query dns.asonix.dog/dns-query
  • Demo of a fediverse instance info page I built at furryverse.asonix.dog. It pulls information from the mastodon.scot relay, but the text is from the old yiff.social relay

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