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Compte de mon blog sur Plume Tricoteur d'idées au fil des mots - Bavard professionnel pour Framasoft - Zèbre cherchant ses rayures.


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PhD student in computer science, trying to prove safety properties on binary programs using abstract interpretation. I also like tea, type systems and logic.

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trans two spirit / #punchnazis #blockgab pro-north korea

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セックスを探しています。 ここに書いてください http://badoogirls.com/id8389 私のニックネーム "MoonaMo"

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I am Joshua, 26 years old. I like to open my mind and body for all of new exciting experiences 💞 Find me here - https://is.gd/u4tdOp 🍒 My id #573187 ♥️